Make every day
a little more joyful

Danish design
since 1968

Give a Hoptimist and experience the joy of giving. Gustav ­
Ehrenreich created the first figures in the late 1960s, which have
gone on to earn themselves a place in Danish design history.
Today, the happy movement consists of a wealth of ­happy, ­
brightly ­coloured Hoptimists for every occasion.

Hans Gustav Ehrenreich with Bimble Hoptimist

Join the happy movement

Jump on the bandwagon! Together with the entire extended
Hoptimist family, you, too, can help spread joy and put smiles on
everyone’s faces. It’s child’s play! We help you get off to a good
start by providing various kinds of POS material that presents
Hoptimist in a charming way while creating an eye-catching
display in the stores.

Get in touch

Hoptimist is really quite

With its shapes, colours and harmonious expressions, Hoptimist is
a natural attention grabber. And it can actually be difficult to keep
your hands off these bouncing buddies, who begin to jump at the
lightest of touches.

Illustrations with a
humorous touch

Keep playing by downloading a number of lovely illustrations
featuring the happy Hoptimists. The illustrations can be coloured
in by children and the young at heart alike.

Download illustrations