Graduation Collection

Finally! The tough exams are over, and the student’s cap is an acknowledgement of all the years’ hard work that have
gone into them. The pride and happiness are boundless, and the future lies ahead bathed in an optimistic glow.
Celebrations with family, friends, and fellow graduates mark the transition to long-awaited freedom.

Let’s celebrate the students

For most people, their student days are something they’ll never forget. When the results are in, the newly graduated students deserve to be celebrated in style – and no matter what colour the cap, the student deserves a gift that will serve as a positive reminder of all their hard work. The bouncing design classic with a student cap comes in several versions, and with their indomitable, little bounces, they serve as a perpetual reminder for the students to maintain an optimistic belief in themselves and in the future.

Smiles and optimism have many expressions

The Hoptimist family is large and diverse. There are Hoptimists for holidays, parties, special events and for
everyday love and smiles. They jump for joy and come in many different shapes, colours and materials.