About Hoptimist

A Hoptimist is the epitome of smiles,
optimism and high spirits

Hans Gustav Ehrenreich created this happy Hoptimist movement in the late 1960s, and it has gone on to take its
place in Danish design history. Hans Gustav Ehrenreich’s wish was for Hoptimists to spread joy and put a smile on
everyone’s lips with their round shapes, enlivening colours and their charming bobbing.

Hans Gustav Ehrenreich

Before the Hoptimists saw the light of day, Danish cabinetmaker Hans Gustav Ehrenreich would tinker in his workshop in the house on Aarhusvej in Stilling, Denmark. It was the late 1950s, and in the small “Ehrenreichs Trækunst” workshop, imagination ran high. No two things were ever the same. Small silverfish were transformed into inlays in hand-turned bowls and plates, and unique wooden art items from all over the world were sold from the workshop.

The first Hoptimists

Ehrenreich created the first prototypes for Birdie, Bimble and Bumble in the late 1960s. In the spirit of that time, it was bright colours and harmonious, round shapes that characterised the first bouncy friends.

Bimble is the girl in a dress with smiling eyes, and Bumble is the ever-alert boy with wide-open eyes and a small stick-hat atop his head.

Experience the joy of giving

There is a happy Hoptimist for every occasion, no matter whether it is a student party, a birthday or something
else entirely. You will always be able to find a Hoptimist that is guaranteed to bring happiness with it. Give a
Hoptimist and experience the joy of giving.