Bouncing design classic

Give a Hoptimist and experience the joy of giving. Gustav Ehrenreich created the first figures in the late 1960s, which have gone on to earn themselves a place in Danish design history. Today, the happy movement consists of a wealth of happy, brightly coloured Hoptimists for every occasion.



Animals are amazing! Both pets and in the wild. Some are man’s best friend, while others are fascinating even though they can tease and bite.


The adorable Baby Bimble Hoptimist is the perfect gift idea for baby showers, christenings, naming parties or as a surprise for parents-to-be.

Birdie Hoptimist hanging from the ceiling


Bring nature indoors with the cute and charming Birdie. Give it a little tap and watch how it flies back and forth and around and around.


The beautiful Hoptimist family spreads happiness, optimism and smiles, and the family members are available in many cute, funny and charming forms.


Santa hats, Santa beards, reindeer and snowmen. Hoptimist brings smiles to faces during the happy holiday season.


The classic Hoptimist is also available in an exclusive, shiny chrome version that will add an eye-catching accent to any room. It reflects the surroundings with its shiny surface.


Hoptimist is the epitome of smiles, optimism and good cheer, and with its bright, cheery colours and round, harmonious expressions, it spreads masses of joy.


Easter is the time where Nature is at her most adorable. The Hoptimists help the Easter mood with joy and fresh spring optimism.


The Hoptimists share in the happiness, and their small indomitable bounces will remind the student to maintain his optimistic belief in himself and the future.

Hoptimist keychain


The perfect companion for your daily adventures and a reminder to appreciate the small moments with positivity and optimism.

Hoptimist lamp


Let the Hoptimist lamp fill the room with light, vibrant colour and cosiness wherever you place it.


Love can be expressed in so many different ways. The Love Hoptimists offer a wide range of loving messages to choose from that are sure to put smiles on faces – and kisses on lips.


The Roligan Hoptimist’s colourful “clapping” hat not only signals optimism for the international game, but also a sense of fellowship and unity among the spectators.


Its happy face bestows good cheer and positive vibes – just as the Hoptimist’s indomitable bounce spreads infectious smiles.


The Soft edition is the epitome of smiles, optimism and high spirits, and with its soft, matte colours and round, harmonious expression, it matches modern interior design.


You find a special warmth in the glow of the oak, and the beautiful Hoptimists are second to none in the natural materials with round, harmonious expressions that spread great joy around them.