Thrills and chills for everyone

Are you ready for spooky surprises and haunting delights? As the long shadows fall and the whispers of the night take
over, the new Halloween Hoptimists are ready to bring both mystery and merriment into your home. With a sly smile and
little jumps, they spread joy and fun among the jack-o-lanterns and cobwebs.

Top hat and sly smiles

Make room on the shelf for our spooky Halloween Hoptimists, who are quite irresistible. One of them wears an impressive top hat, while the other two are smiling slyly at each other. They’re the perfect mix of spooky fun and they also make great gifts.

Smiles and optimism have many expressions

The Hoptimist family is large and diverse. There are Hoptimists for holidays, parties, special events and for
everyday love and smiles. They jump for joy and come in many different shapes, colours and materials.