The sound of joy

With the Hoptimist wireless speaker, you can surround yourself with everything you like to listen to. The speaker has an
elegant matte finish with lovely, calm colours that match most homes – and it brings joy whether you let it move into your
desk, favourite corner or bedside table.

Touch and play

The speaker is equipped with a touch function that makes it easy to switch on and off and adjust the volume. For charging, use the included USB-C cable and the speaker is ready to spread music and good vibes – depending on the size of the speaker, charging time and operating time will vary.

Different sizes

The fabulous Hoptimist lamps come in a range of sizes. And no matter what size you choose, they will always fill the room with light, colour and cosiness.

Smiles and optimism have many expressions

The Hoptimist family is large and diverse. There are Hoptimists for holidays, parties, special events and for
everyday love and smiles. They jump for joy and come in many different shapes, colours and materials.