Lots of love

Weddings and Hoptimists both evoke joy, positivity and warmth. So, it goes without saying that there is also a Hoptimist
bride and groom. The bride is resplendent in her veil and tiara, while the groom is dressed in black with a top hat. The
happy couple can adorn the top of the wedding cake or stand on display and remind the couple of their love for each other.

Wedding Collection

Love brings happiness, and when we get married, we say “I do” to sharing our happiness. And why not share one of life’s greatest and happiest moments with our adorable Hoptimist Bride and Hoptimist Groom?

Different sizes

The fabulous Hoptimists come in a range of sizes. And no matter what size you choose, they’re a constant reminder for you to be happy, smiley and optimistic.

Love France

The perfect gift for someone you care about – maybe a girlfriend, your mother, or just a good friend. Wearing a heart with three vertical stripes in blue, white and red, this Hoptimist is a wonderful way to express both French national pride and love. It’s particularly suitable for celebrations of national events, birthdays, or other festive occasions, and is sure to bring joy and smiles to the recipient.

Smiles and optimism have many expressions

The Hoptimist family is large and diverse. There are Hoptimists for holidays, parties, special events and for
everyday love and smiles. They jump for joy and come in many different shapes, colours and materials.